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Social Media for Powerful Link Building


Social media is a great platform to spread the word and build brand awareness. Used properly, a proper social presence can create powerful, quality backlinks to your website for successful search engine optimization (SEO). Prominent search engines use links as the most important quantifiers to determine how relevant and powerful your website content is. Earning high quality backlinks provides your website with more value and top rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A Simple Strategy for Top quality Back Links

There are different ways to build quality back links in to the website. However, social media offers great opportunities to build links naturally. Since search engine algorithms get more complicated, aggressive self-promotion can ruin your website’s rankings. Here are some useful strategies to help build quality backlinks:

Add Valuable Content

You need to create valuable content that will encourage people to share it. Well-researched information with attractive infographics and posts that present clear statistics and bring out different angles on a particular subject can be of great help. More than 87% of brand agency marketers now create compelling videos for content marketing to capture the attention of users and to make it shareable. Rather than focusing on the entertainment value of the content, posting solid, relevant content will bring in positive results in the long run. If experienced content writers and bloggers find reliable content on a website reliable, they will link back to your content rather than just copy it.

Relevant Content

Simply adding more content in to your website will not add any value. Your web posts and responses should be relevant. Visitors are more likely to link to your content only if it is relevant, even it is a one-off. This strategy involves building consistent links over time. By making frequent additions and contributions to your content, you can build a strong online presence and authority in relevant fields. Bringing out more valuable posts and responding positively to users queries contributes to a strong web presence. Add consistent links in to your website frequently to see that your web page rankings increase. More users will value or notice your content only if it appears within the first five posts or within the first five pages of search engine result pages.

Target Social Media Efforts Effectively

Always plan for effective social media efforts as the time and resources to be utilized for the same will be limited. It is essential to equally target all prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Use Right Social Media Tools

Utilizing the right social media tools will help you to your find target market. For example, Fresh Web Explorer searches for your company, brand or keyword and matches this with “feed authority”. This tool enables you to find key visitors and thus utilize your marketing efforts effectively.

Social backlinking can grow your website traffic. But, it is important to build consistent links over time. Never engage in unethical marketing practices, especially when it comes to social media. Opting for social media services from a professional SEO company can help you to get the most of your online marketing campaign.

Article by Oregon Technologies